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Be Love and Attract Love With 6 Rose Quartz Rituals

Be Love and Attract Love With 6 Rose Quartz Rituals

Rose quartz is a romantic, calming, and harmonious stone of unconditional love, for oneself and for others. Its vibration is of Goddess energy and of the Divine Feminine. It opens your heart, and helps you live from your heart. It helps you to appreciate and love yourself exactly as you are. It can help you be more empathetic and kind in your relationships with others. It can offer you comfort and healing if you’re hurting from a previous relationship. Its energy can help you be in a state to attract more love into your life.

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Remember that you’ll want to energetically cleanse your rose quartz egg of previously stored energy and program the egg with your specific intentions before using it.

Here are 6 ways you can use your rose quartz egg to attract more love in your life. These rituals can be done exactly as described below, or you can perform them with the yoni egg inside! You can experiment with different rituals, and come up your own rose quartz ritual that feels good for you.

  1. Do a morning ritual for manifesting self love. This is something to do first thing in the morning, to start your day off splendidly. Remember that all healing and growth comes from love. Your relationship, your relationships with friends, with family, with your partner, with Source… it all functions better with love. Lay down on your bed, yoga mat, or other place that feels right and place it on your heart or hold the your rose quartz egg in your palms over your heart. Imagine a pink and white light swirling around your body, encompassing it, enveloping it in love and tenderness and warmth. Feel the positivity and benevolence beaming onto you, wishing you wellness, wishing you prosperity, wishing you peace, wishing you harmony, wishing you to live with ease. Remind yourself you are loved deeply, were made perfect, and deserve to take good care of yourself. Ask to be transformed to someone who loves herself unconditionally, exactly as she is.
  2. Wear it in your pocket or bra to emanate good vibes all day. If you buy a small rose quartz egg, you can stash it where you have a space. Somewhere in your bra, in a jacket pocket, in the front pocket of your jeans, or maybe even stash it in your favorite purse. Ain’t nothin wrong with a crystal in your purse. Stash it wherever you can close to your body, to feel its calming, loving, and reassuring vibrations. Having this more positive attitude keeps you attracting even more positivity into your world.
  3. Visualize your future relationship during your yoni egg practice. Some of you are already in awesome relationships with your boo-things, husbands, lovers, and soulmates. Some of you have not yet, and are ready! Engage in your yoni egg practice with visualization to help you define your intentions and focus your energy. It’s very important to properly cleanse and program your egg, as we stated. This can take anywhere from a few minutes, to 20 minutes, or more. Once you’ve done that, you can insert your yoni egg gently once your yoni is ready. You can perform your yoni egg practice as you normally do. Just remember to keep coming back to the intentions you desire. For example, let’s say you are doing sequences of warrior poses, downward dogs, and other bendy goodness with kegels. When you get into shavasana, be sure you powerfully imagine in your whole being, what your partner looks like, how they act, how they make you feel. How do you feel when you are with this person, what do you guys do? What is the reality? Feel deep inside this is real. Feel the rose quartz egg inside your yoni vibrating powerfully, aligning you to your best reality. Feel the rose quartz egg conflating with the divine forces of nature, to bring the most amazing relationship to you. The crucial part in this is to program your egg with specificity prior to insertion, and continually focus on what you want to manifest throughout the practice.
  4. Have a heart felt talk with your partner. If you want to reflect with him/her about your relationship, make love grow, restore trust, or otherwise enhance your relationship with your partner, this is the ritual for you to try. You can each sit on the ground, and you can hold your rose quartz egg either in your hand, on your body, or internally. Even just having the rose quartz in the shared space will help your partner, too. Close your eyes, the two of you, and feel the authentic, loving vibrations. Feel it creating a sense of safety and trust in the space. Hold in your mind the questions you would like to ask. How can you be more present with your partner? Is there anything holding you back from a rich and deep connection? Is there anything nurturing that you should be doing or offering that you are not? Communicate with your partner, letting the rose quartz helping create a safe space, and reminding you that love is the foundation of all. (Mind you, rose quartz does not automatically guarantee you will stay together, because self love comes before all. If it is not in the highest good for you to stay in the relationship, rose quartz will support you to move on and find the relationship you were meant to be in, with the perfect person, at the perfect time.)
  5. Draw love in by ornamental placement in your bedroom. The vibrations of the rose quartz in your bedroom can create an atmosphere that is soothing and harmonious. You can tuck rose quartz eggs in the carpet by the legs of your bed, or you can put them on a tripod on your nightstand. This helps invite love to your :::ahem:: bedroom.
  6. Sleep with rose quartz under your pillow to let wonderful things in your dreams work their way into existence.

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