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Red Jasper
Red Jasper Red Jasper Red Jasper Red Jasper Red Jasper

Red Jasper "The Stone of Vibrancy" - GIA certified

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All Bliss Yoni Eggs are undyed and all natural. 
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Chakras: Root, Sacral

A very nurturing stone, red jasper is extremely supportive when you are feeling stressed and disconnected, because it absorbs negative energies, and aligns your mind and body with the spiritual.

Red jasper, the color of fire and blood, also embodies life, passion, energy, and strength. It stimulates your life-force energy, which enhances your stamina, increases your focus, boosts your creativity, and allows you to set higher goals, and follow through- so that you feel great in your emotional energy and great in your body.

Red jasper is extra powerful in yoni egg form because it can:

  • Release shame in sexual issues such as sexual expression or orientation
  • Reactivate sexual passion
  • Increase sexual energy
  • Enhance orgasmic energy
  • Promote sexual compatibility
  • Bring self confidence
  • Stimulate enthusiasm
  • Enhance tantric sex
  • Aid in sexual mastery

You can use red jasper as a stone for vibrancy and passion in your solo yoni egg practice, or use it in foreplay, or keep it inside when you’re with your partner!

Source of our red jasper: South Africa

Small: 33 x 25 mm

Medium: 40 x 30 mm

Large: 50 x 35 mm

Please note that the eggs are carved from raw crystal and each crystal is uniquely made by the universe. They are buffed and polished to be as smooth as possible. In all yoni eggs, across all brands, due to the nature of crystals and the process of forming them into egg shapes, it is normal and natural to have natural inclusions present; differences in colors within a crystal; and minor surface imperfections. As long as there are no jagged edges or sharp fractures, your yoni egg is safe to use.

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