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Mini Fancy Jasper Wand
Mini Fancy Jasper Wand Mini Fancy Jasper Wand

Mini Fancy Jasper Wand

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Fancy Jasper is a delightful crystal for fostering wholeness, healing, and intensifying well-being. It is an overall loving and nurturing crystal you will love to have around to calm your body and mind and to keep you focused on the here and now. 
Each wand is delightfully unique, with a blend of powerfully soothing colors including green, tan, ruby, mauve, and lilac. It is slender, and just shy of 5 inches in length. It is great for trigger point release, as well as for self pleasure. 
Fancy jasper activates and balances all the chakras, aligning physical and subtle bodies. When the energy of the fancy jasper wand combines with your personal sexual energy, your chakras will be activated and you will experience its unique healing and relaxation from the inside out. 
These gorgeous wands are all natural treasures from the earth. They are undyed, untreated, organic, and each one created uniquely by the universe. That means that there will be natural variations in color; there will be variations in size; and that slight imperfections in the crystal are normal and natural. 

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