Bliss Yoni Eggs

Chakra Yoni Egg Set
Chakra Yoni Egg Set Chakra Yoni Egg Set

Chakra Yoni Egg Set

Size Guideline
Drilled versus Undrilled


All Bliss Yoni Eggs are undyed and all natural. 
Each egg purchase:

  • comes with complimentary customer support
  • includes a keepsake/weight lifting pouch
  • includes your own yoni egg instruction guide
  • is Reiki-charged and imbued with good vibes

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Chakra: Root

Large drilled black obsidian

Chakra: Sacral

Large drilled rose quartz, carnelian, or red jasper

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Medium drilled agate or tiger's eye

Chakra: Heart

Medium drilled nephrite jade (GIA certified)

Chakra: Throat

Medium drilled blue quartz or amazonite

Chakra: Third Eye

Small drilled light amethyst

Chakra: Crown

Small drilled clear quartz or opalite

This is a beautiful set of seven different eggs that correspond to the chakras. This set is intended to be used starting from the root chakra, sequentially, through the crown chakra. The yoni eggs go from larger to smaller, so that your yoni muscles can become used to the size of the egg, and can more easily grasp and sense the egg. As you progress in your practice, you will use smaller eggs, which are bit harder to maintain and manipulate. You end with smaller eggs, which are more of an advanced practice, because it requires more yoni agility and tightness to work with an egg so small.

This is an amazing toolkit if you are looking to tap into the metaphysical powers of the these beautiful yoni eggs, while also enabling increased chi, connection to oneself, more sexual prowess, and orgasmic potential.

This chakra yoni egg set comes with:

  • 33 yards of natural, biodegradable, fair trade silk floss. This unflavored floss is great to use as a retrieval string. It can hold a small amount of weights, but if you want to weightlift, a slightly thicker string may be preferable, such as the hemp string we include
  • 4” sage smudge. White sage is an amazing purifier for your yoni egg. When you first get your egg, you will want to clear energies from it, so it can radiate its pure vibrations, and so that you can attune it specifically for your intentions. Light the end of the bundle, blow off the flames, and allow its smoke to waft around the egg. Of course, you can use this smudge to also purify yourself, your surroundings, and other objects.
  • Cleansing brush. Yeah, we don’t necessarily wanna talk about icky stuff, but let’s be real. The drilled hole can accumulate lady junk, and you can’t fit your fingers inside to clean it out, so we are including this handy cleansing brush to keep your yoni egg so fresh and so clean.
  • Pouch for egg or pocket crystals. We include a pouch for you, that can simply be a storage pouch for your egg, or we invite you to use this pouch as your weightlifting pouch. You attach the string to the egg, and then attach the open ends to the pouch with the pocket crystals. Viole! Now you can awaken your yoni and get it tight and strong!
  • Complete yoni egg instruction guide We made this just for you, lovelies, with information on what to do when you first get the egg, such as physically and energetically cleansing the egg; suggestions on how to set up your yoni egg rituals; some of our favorite exercises; and other helpful tips.
  • a blend of reiki + love + blessings.


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