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What are yoni eggs?

Yoni, in the ancient language of Sanskrit, means “sacred temple,” “source of all,” and “universal womb.” A yoni egg is a polished semi-precious crystal or stone, carved into the shape of an egg, that is inserted into the yoni (vagina) for a variety of purposes. These yoni eggs can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which consists of the muscles, ligaments, tissues, and nerves that you may not have thought much about, but actually really need. This can enhance your orgasmic potential, reduce your risk of incontinence, result in greater connection to your sensual energy, more “chi” (life force), and a whole slew of other health benefits. Another benefit of using the yoni egg is the the energetic effects that the particular crystal or stone imbues, which may include love, harmony, manifestation, bravery, clarity, and more. Characteristics of the specific eggs can be found on their individual product pages in the catalog.

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