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Drilled Yoni Egg Starter Kit
Drilled Yoni Egg Starter Kit Drilled Yoni Egg Starter Kit Drilled Yoni Egg Starter Kit

Drilled Yoni Egg Starter Kit

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This drilled yoni egg starter kit is a one-of-a-kind kit that we created for you, to help make your yoni egg practice easier.

Here is what it includes:

  • 33 yards of natural, biodegradable, fair trade silk floss. This unflavored floss is great to use as a retrieval string. 
    • 4” sage smudge. White sage is an amazing purifier for your yoni egg. When you first get your egg, you will want to clear energies from it, so it can radiate its pure vibrations, and so that you can attune it specifically for your intentions. Light the end of the bundle, blow off the flames, and allow its smoke to waft around the egg. Of course, you can use this smudge to also purify yourself, your surroundings, and other objects.
    • Manifestation cards. We want you to use your yoni egg to the maximum. One way to do this is to program your crystal with specific intentions. If you are new to this sort of thing, we made these cards for you to work with. Even if you aren’t new, these cards are excellent for reflection.
    • Cleansing brush. Yeah, we don’t necessarily wanna talk about icky stuff, but let’s be real. The drilled hole can accumulate lady junk, and you can’t fit your fingers inside to clean it out, so we are including this handy cleansing brush to keep your yoni egg so fresh and so clean.
    • Pocket crystals. You can use them for their named purpose, which is to carry them in your pocket throughout the day, letting these crystals work their magic while you go about your day. Another usage is to lay them out to enhance a sacred space, such as where you may meditate or do your yoni egg practice. Our favorite usage, and why we are including them in this yoni egg kit in particular, is because they are great to use as weights for vaginal weightlifting. They are small and lightweight.
    • Pouch for egg or pocket crystals. We include a pouch for you, that can simply be a storage pouch for your egg, or we invite you to use this pouch as your weightlifting pouch. You attach the string to the egg, and then attach the open ends to the pouch with the pocket crystals. Viole! Now you can awaken your yoni and get it tight and strong!
    • Complete yoni egg instruction guide. We made this just for you, lovelies, with information on what to do when you first get the egg, such as physically and energetically cleansing the egg; suggestions on how to set up your yoni egg rituals; some of our favorite exercises; and other helpful tips.
    • Email support. If you’d like clarity or have questions, just contact us. We love to help :)

    Note: yoni egg sold separately.

    “I didn’t feel like running around trying to find the right string, find a way to cleanse the egg, or find a way to attach the egg to a weight, so I ordered the Drilled Yoni Egg Starter Kit to make my life easier. It arrived quickly, and I got everything I needed to get started! I’ve already started, and I’m hooked! Thank you!” -Melissa, age 31

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