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Nephrite Jade
Nephrite Jade Nephrite Jade Nephrite Jade

Nephrite Jade "The Queen of All Yoni Eggs"- GIA certified

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All Bliss Yoni Eggs are undyed and all natural. 
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 Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Base

Jade is known as “The Queen of All Yoni Eggs” for many reasons. Jade was the only crystal used in ancient China by the Empress and the concubines of the Royal Palace to manifest incredible health, longevity, and power. Their wisdom was impressive, in identifying that having a healthy sexual energy helps our healthy general energy. Even in modern China, jade is still considered incredibly sacred and powerful. It is so greatly prized in Chinese culture, there is even a saying: "gold has a value; jade is invaluable."

Jade is the only crystal that can be used for all day or all night wear. Other crystals are generally recommended for specific practice, but jade is a great crystal if you are looking for extended wear, as you meditate, do yoga, do work, clean the house, or sleep.  Jade works softly and gently, to keep you protected and at ease, whereas extended wear of other stones may be a bit too intense or overwhelming.

Another amazing feature of jade is its physical attributes. It is exceptionally hard and difficult to chip or break. This is good news for beginner yoni egg users, who may not yet have mastered how to avoid accidentally dropping the egg such as when forgetting to be aware when you are going to the bathroom. Jade is smooth and nonporous, so it is naturally antimicrobial. Your yoni loves that!

Metaphysically, Jade is good for sooo much. No wonder it has been revered over 5,000 years. Here are just a few qualities it imbues: longevity, serenity, wisdom, tranquility, balance, compassion, moderation, justice, perspective, courage, generosity, and wealth.

Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, and encourages you to acknowledge your untapped potential, and fully step into who you really are. With Jade, you can increase resourcefulness, so you can move beyond any limitations (internal and external) and manifest the dreams and visions you have been carrying around and wanting to make reality. It brings harmony in business and relationships, and fosters prosperity, abundance, and success. Jade supports new love and attracts love on many levels. It increases trustworthiness, fidelity, and creating magic for the highest good. It reminds you to smile a little more, hug a little harder, go a little outside of your comfort zone, and appreciate the details in nature and the environment around you. It is also highly protective against negative or harmful energies. Placing the jade egg under your pillow or inside your yoni while sleeping highlights its quality as a “Dream Stone” because you can more easily access ancient knowledge, heal latent traumas, and solve problems while dreaming.

Physically speaking, Jade may powerfully cleanse the body’s heart, kidneys, spleen and adrenal glands; removes toxins; and aids proper functioning of your metabolism. It can help your bones and joints; and with healing from injuries or surgeries.

Jade can be made by only two or a combination of two different minerals - nephrite and jadeite. Although there are differences between them, both are extremely physically tough, and both are packed with powerful metaphysical benefits.

The nephrite jade we at Bliss Yoni Eggs offer you is darkly colored; a solid deep green, almost black hue. This variety is excellent for grounding; for protection; for enhancing strength; for warding off negative energies; and for discouraging you to limit yourself. This variety helps you tap into your natural wisdom, making complex decisions with more discernment and ease. It helps allow good fortune to flow naturally into your life.

We source our Nephrite Jade from Xinjiang, China. This area has always been synonymous with the best Nephrite Jade. 

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Please be warned that there are many unscrupulous vendors out there, selling serpentine, green aventurine, garnet, glass, and other forms of imitation or low-quality jade, and passing it off as real jade. Real jade is only made from nephrite and/or jadeite, nothing more. (Read our blog entry on how to identify real jade.) Our jade is GIA certified, so you can be at ease knowing that your jade eggs are truly jade. In addition, our eggs are organic and free of chemicals and dyes.

Small 35 x 25 mm

Medium 40 x 30 mm

Large 50 x 35 mm

Please note that the eggs are carved from raw crystal. They are buffed and polished to be as smooth as possible. In all yoni eggs, across all brands, due to the nature of crystals and the process of forming them into egg shapes, it is normal and natural to have natural inclusions present; differences in colors within a crystal; and minor surface imperfections. As long as there are no jagged edges or sharp fractures, your yoni egg is safe to use.

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