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Choosing a Type of Yoni Egg

Choosing a Type of Yoni Egg

You might be browsing our collection of yoni eggs and ask yourself “Which one do I choose?”

*We* love options, so we love offering *you* choices. It’s definitely a personal choice; there is no right choice; there is no wrong choice. You might want to turn to your intuition, or read about the energetic properties of the egg to discover one that draws you most strongly. You might be intrigued by one because you see that is works on the chakras you are looking to heal. Maybe there are certain colors that you are drawn to work with. Maybe a particular crystal has some sort of design element that for some reason appeals to you. Maybe there is just something intangible that you like about an egg, and you are inspired to choose that one. There is nothing wrong with using these approaches.

If you are looking for suggestions, our recommended egg for beginners as well as our best-selling egg is the traditional nephrite jade egg.

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Authentic jade is the highest quality egg available, because it helps to powerfully manifest health, prosperity, mastery, and good fortune. It can be used internally for longer stretches of time, such as overnight. It has a long history as a yoni egg, having been in use for an estimated 5,000 years. It is a nice heavy crystal that is non porous and anti-microbial. It is a very hard and strong stone, making it very difficult to crack and break. Our nephrite jade eggs are untreated, undyed, polished smooth, and GIA certified. These jade eggs will last you a lifetime.

Another very popular egg is the rose quartz egg. Known as the “Love Stone,” this pink, gentle crystal encourages love and benevolence in all its forms. Love for self, love for others, unconditional love, familial love, romantic love, harmony among friends, nurture, kindness, and sensuality.

great energy rose quartz vagina crystal for love and better orgasms

Rose Quartz is popular because often times we can use a boost to treat ourselves better, as well as to open ourselves up to the goodness in others. Oftentimes, these two things are intertwined. The more self care we give ourselves, the more positive we feel while interacting in the world, and this helps us bring out the best in others. Rose quartz is a stone with a delicate structure, so you have to be careful not to drop your precious egg.

A powerful cleanser, protector, and catalyst is our popular black obsidian egg.

potent cleanser black obsidian vagina egg

This smooth and silky egg is renowned for pulling out negative energy. It can be in your environment, it can be inside of you. Black obsidian will suck that shit out. It’s rough, though. You must respect black obsidian, and be ready for it. Because it brings truth to the surface, that you may not have known, or that you may have unconsciously hidden. Sometimes the truth hurts. It can be painful. But the aim of black obsidian is to catalyze your change and to help you grow into the person you were meant to be, to help you reach your potential, and to help you live your best life. So if you are wanting to release energetic blocks swiftly and permanently, you may want to choose black obsidian.

Another popular choice is our amethyst egg.

amazing amethyst kegel egg

A prized gem throughout history, amethyst was thought to prevent against evil thoughts, enhance success in business, aid the warrior to victory, and protect against inebriation. It is a gem steeped in ancient magic and is as popular today as it was thousand of years ago. It can assist in developing bravery, maintaining control, all sorts of healing, and spiritual growth.

It is also renowned for being a “sobriety stone” in overcoming addictions and bad habits.

We encourage you to read about the different crystals on our product description pages, and supplement with other resources out there, look at the pictures, and just tune in to yourself. Which yoni egg is speaking to you? Do you want to go with the tried and true nephrite jade? Or is there something else calling your name? Do you want to order two or three different kinds, to start your collection? Remember, you can’t make a wrong decision. Whichever decision you make, is the right choice.

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