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A Brief History of Yoni Eggs

A Brief History of Yoni Eggs

What is the History of Yoni Eggs?

The definitive history of yoni eggs is unknown, but it is generally agreed that the use of a jade egg to strengthen the vagina is a Taoist practice that evolved over thousands of years ago in ancient China.


Within Chinese culture, jade has long been revered as a precious, mystical, healing, powerful crystal. Not only was it loved for its extraordinary beauty, but for what is represented, including virtue, purity, sincerity, truth, grace, and wealth. Jade has been incorporated so deeply into the culture, that it has become a part of many stories, idioms, and proverbs. Perfectly describing their perspective is a famous Chinese saying that is translated as “Gold has value, but jade is invaluable.”


With regards to the sexual organs, the ancient Chinese regarded them as the center of one’s health. If your sexual organs and pelvic floor were active, strong, and healthy, then your entire body was more active, strong, and healthy. The yoni was considered the place from which one could channel and transmute their chi (life force energy). Our wombs are truly so incredibly powerful, with the capability of creating new human lives! This energy of creation always exists within us. We can use this incredible life force energy towards whatever we may desire. It could be love, health, vitality, harmony, strength, clarity, abundance, business, relationships, finances, self-knowledge, or any other goal. Using this energy can help us in mind, body, and spirit, and keep a lifelong spark within us.

The ancient Chinese tapped into the knowledge that healthy sexual organs and sexual energy influence so much more than just your sex life.

Jade + Yoni = Magic Eggs

The practice of using polished jade eggs to exercise the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles was the Empress’ well guarded secret. Only the women who were to become the Empress or concubines of the Emperor were taught the secret use of jade eggs to maintain their youth and vitality; to develop extraordinary skills as lovers; to heighten their spirituality and transmute their chi; and to increase longevity within their body, mind and spirit.

Jade is still the traditional stone to use for yoni eggs because of its history and sacred energy, however women have ventured beyond jade and have chosen precious stones that are more aligned with their personal energy, intentions and manifestations.

We at Bliss Yoni Eggs are so grateful to be able to share with openness and excitement one of the largest assortments of yoni eggs of all different kinds, including jade eggs, which were once a well guarded ancient Chinese secret. Now, women around the world can benefit from their gifts! <3

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