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What is Yoni Yoga?

What is Yoni Yoga?

A Little Yoni Egg and Yoni Egg Practice Rundown

Dr. Arnold Kegel was the American gynecologist who promulgated the benefits of pelvic floor exercises in the 1940’s. These exercises are known today as Kegels. He found that Kegels provided tangible benefits for women, including reduction of incontinence, as well increased ease in orgasm. Although this is the basic story in America, strengthening the pelvic floor is actually a practice that has been around for thousands of years in China. It’s actually an ancient Taoist practice involving yoni eggs. The practice was kept a secret, exclusively for the Empress and the royal concubines. But now the secret is out, and women across the world are looking to start their own yoni yoga practice with their own yoni eggs.

Using yoni eggs differs from traditional kegels in two main ways:

  1. The use of crystals: using crystals is an ancient tradition around the world. Crystals are powerfully healing, cleansing, and activating. The combination of crystals plus these yoni exercises is amazing. 
  2. The use of their weight: Using yoni eggs creates a resistance training effect for your yoni. Whereas kegels are similar to bicep curls with no weight, adding the weight of the yoni egg (and even the possibility of adding more weight to even that through vaginal weight lifting) creates an effect that has been called “kegels on steroids.”

Yoni eggs are tumbled smooth eggs made out semi-precious gemstones includes jade, rose quartz, amethyst, and a host of other healing materials. Yoni is an ancient sanskrit term meaning “holy temple,” that refers to the vagina. Womb. Source. Lady Parts. The yoni eggs can be drilled or undrilled, and are intended to be placed inside the- you guessed it- yoni.

Generally, the yoni egg is only intended to be inside for brief periods (e.g. 15 min - 2 hours), with the exception of jade eggs, which can generally stay inside for much longer periods of time (12 hours - a few days). When the yoni egg is inserted, you may begin your dedicated yoni egg practice, which strengthens your being from the inside out.

What are the Possible Benefits of Yoni Yoga?

  • Being more in-touch, kind, and sensitive to youself
  • Drawing attention and power to our body and to ourselves
  • Developing more self love
  • Experimenting with your body and developing heightened eroticism
  • Tapping in to your powerful and sacred femininity
  • Transforming your relationship with your sexuality, especially if you’ve experienced sexual trauma
  • Strengthening your pelvic floor, especially post pregnancy or if you are experiencing incontinence
  • more sensation and dexterity in your yoni
  • increased sexual satisfaction
  • Increased orgasmic potential, including multiple orgasms and female ejaculation 

Characteristics of Yoni Yoga

  • Can be any style of yoga
  • A blending of physical and spiritual exercises
  • Focus on the pelvic floor
  • Added “prop” of a yoni egg, typically a nephrite jade egg
  • Can be with just the weight of the egg or with added weights
  • Generally a solo practice, not a class (but we would support that!)

Yoni Yoga is a broad term and, depending on your take on the practice, can encompass elements of:

  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Movement
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Prayer
  • Energy cultivation
  • Self inquiry
  • Physical & spiritual self-exploration
  • Connection to self
  • Connection to your yoni
  • Kegels
  • Vaginal Weight Lifting

Using Yoni Yoga to Create a Positive Ritual in Your Life

Yoni Yoga is an awesome way to make space for a ritual in your life that is enriching for your mind, body, and soul all at the same time. Creating and following a positive and sacred ritual can make all the difference between a crappy or “blah” day, and an amazing day full of intention, awareness, love, and glowing radiance. Rituals can ground and center us, reminding us to align our actions with our values. It also provides a space to reflect on what is going well, what could be better, and manifesting a life that feels wildly abundant and right. Yoni yoga, as a ritual, allows us an opportunity to be intentional. Whether it’s to release your mind while you pay attention to your breath, fiercely focus on your goals, spend time getting to know your body better, repeat affirmations, practice gratitude, or relish in deep morning stretches, incorporating a yoni egg practice into your life just might be the thing you need.  



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