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9 Ways to Energetically Cleanse Your Yoni Egg

9 Ways to Energetically Cleanse Your Yoni Egg

The yoni eggs you picked out are there to help you own your Goddess energy. The fact that the majority of yoni eggs are crystals, however, means that they hold energy and emotions very well, and prior to using them for the first time, and periodically in your practice, you should cleanse them energetically.

Trust your intuition as to how often to cleanse them. If you are using the crystal daily for deep soul healing, you might want to cleanse them as after every use. If you have the egg on a stand, resting ornamentally on your desk, maybe you only need to cleanse it every few months.

The energetic cleansing helps release negative vibrations, allow the crystal to work more effectively, and restore the crystal to its natural state of positivity and vibrance.

Here are Our 9 Favorites Ways to Cleanse a Yoni Egg:

  1. Running water is an excellent way to cleanse your crystals. Bathing them in ocean water with waves is extremelyyyy effective in eliminating negative energies. Letting the water of springs, rivers, and lakes run over the crystal works extremely well, too.
  2. Smudging with white sage, palo santo, or incense not only cleanses the egg, but also the space. Light the smudge stick then blow out the flames. Smoke will still be wafting out, and allow the yoni egg to pass through the smoke. 
  3. Earth burials reunite the eggs with their source, Mama Gaia! She re-charges them, cleansing them of negative energy, and restoring them to their natural vibrational states. You may want to pack the egg in a container such as a glass jar, and leave it underground for 24 hours. Don’t forget to remember or mark where you buried it! 
  4. Flower petal baths are such a beautiful way to not only cleanse the crystal, but create a wonderful visual display for us, too. Any mood would be brightened as you create a little basket or bowl of flower petals, and allow the yoni egg to soak up the delightful energies for 24 hours. 
  5. Non contact sea salt is a very effective way to cleanse your crystal, without worrying if the salt will damage your crystal. Pour sea salt in a glass bowl, then slightly bury a smaller glass bowl or jar or cup on top, that contains your crystal. Allow it to sit there for one day to a week. 
  6. Other crystals such as amethyst geodes, clear quartz clusters, and selenite can be used to clear other crystals. Allow your yoni egg to sit on these clearing crystals for up to 48 hours.
  7. Energy healing such as Reiki, prayer, or visualization is a rewarding way to rid the egg of any negative energies. One method, for example, is to visualize infusing the egg with pure universal life energy. Imagine another ray of light in the form of a white beam, entering through the egg and passing through to the other side, taking all its previously stored and negative energy with it. You can repeat this a few times, until the egg feels completely cleansed and restored to its natural state.
  8. The Moonlight, especially the full moon, is full of rich and powerful divine feminine energy that we can take advantage of to energetically cleanse your yoni eggs. You can leave the egg under the moon overnight in the back yard, or simply place the egg on your windowsill. The delicious rays are magical- we really love this simple but effective method. 
  9. Sound cleansing is a fun way to not only heal ourselves, but to cleanse our yoni eggs! You can use tibetan singing bowls, healing music, didgeridoo, bells, sacred mantras or singing. It’s a healing sound bath for you and your egg!

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