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Lightness of Being with an Amethyst Yoni Egg

Lightness of Being with an Amethyst Yoni Egg

Amethyst, a gorgeous purple crystal that we carry in its light purple and darker grape hues, is one of the most spiritual of all the crystals. The many benefits that amethyst provides in mind, body, and soul is why it is a staple in crystal collections, healers’ kits, spiritual stores, yoga studios, Reiki studios, and in homes around the world. It’s known for protecting against negative energy; for calming; for sleep and dreamwork; and for helping in overcoming addictions and bad habits. In this blog entry, though, we are going to talk about manifesting more lightness in being with your amethyst yoni egg. Spiritually uplifted, transformed, empowered, joyful, and radiant!

Amethyst allows us to easily enter a meditative state and connect with the Divine. The vibration of Amethyst stimulates the higher mind, and opens and clears the crown chakra and the third eye, making it a natural choice for accessing more wisdom, developing psychic abilities, enhancing intuitive clarity, and recognizing synchronicity. The high spiritual frequency of amethyst naturally protects against lower energies, making it even more valuable when doing spiritual work. Amethyst cocoons us with brilliant white light that helps us maintain conscious awareness while staying open to spiritual and intuitive direction from one’s guides and angels.

Amethyst helps us to transform ourselves from someone weighed down by old baggage, clouded by all sorts of energy patterns that don’t serve us, disengaged, jaded, not aware of the power we have, not aware of the pleasure we can feel in life and in our yonis After years of suppressing our emotions, disconnecting from the naturally vibrant and revitalizing energy of the earth (universe, divine, fill in your word of choice), accepting hardship, and accumulating more and more spiritual junk and debris, we might be used to feeling weak, numb, and despondent.

Using amethyst yoni eggs can help us gently and lovingly move through this all. Amethyst clears away the negative energy and reminds us what a juicy existence we are blessed to experience. With this yoni egg work, we can feel ourselves change; choose new adjectives to describe ourselves: passionate, creative, sensual, empowered, clear-minded, connected, and sentient. We can shift our perception of how we experience the world: with a lightness of being.

stunning amethyst vagina jewelry

When we use amethyst as a yoni egg, the benefits that exist for using it merely as a crystal are amplified, because we are working directly with our life-force energy- our most powerful creational tool, the womb. When we combine the power of this amazing crystal, with the focus of our yoni egg practice, it’s a magical combination, to help you live a life more alive and delicious.

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