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Clear Negative Energy & Blocks with Your Black Obsidian Egg

Clear Negative Energy & Blocks with Your Black Obsidian Egg

Created from the fiery element of volcanic lava, black obsidian is a super powerful stone that does wonders to clear out negative energy, not only around you, but within you.

Part of its power is that it smashes any sorts of energy blocks, and cuts to the truth of matters. You have to be prepared for its efficacy, though, or it can be pretty overwhelming. You should be prepared to handle the truth about yourself and the situations you are in, even if that truth is hard to swallow, is unpleasant to look at, or is something you’ve been hiding from yourself for a long time. Black obsidian reflects to us our true selves, the positives and the negatives. It clarifies our talents and strengths, and also where we are suffering, how we are suffering, and why we are suffering. In this way. it lends us support and encourages us to grow.

Black obsidian works quickly and in various situations. Whether you feel like a dark cloud has been suffocating you, there is someone at work who is always complaining, you feel you are just seething with negative energy, or there is so much bad news in the media-- black obsidian can cast away that negative energy and create a protective shield around you.

Although we generally recommend first time yoni egg users to start with jade eggs, obsidian is a great choice if you feel negative energy is truly weighing you down, and feel that you need a special stone to clear that shit out. That’s why we include obsidian as the first stone in our Chakra Yoni Egg Set, so you can engage in your practice feeling lighter, more fresh and positive, and more open to all the possibilities that the practice can help manifest.

Because obsidian is such a potent absorber of negative energy, it’s important to energetically cleanse it very regularly. Learn some of our favorite and easy ways to energetically cleanse yoni eggs.

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