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How to Remove a Yoni Egg Without The String

How to Remove a Yoni Egg Without The String

Yoni eggs come drilled or undrilled. Some women prefer undrilled eggs, and some women use drilled eggs, but don’t always want to string it. Maybe they only want to experience the energetic healing of the egg, and are not as interested in weightlifting. Maybe they want to experiment with allowing their yoni to hold on to the egg as long as it wants, and let it expel the egg when it’s ready. There are many reasons why women would use yoni eggs without a string.

If you want to join this contingent, you might ask… If I use a yoni egg without a string and need or want to get it out, how do I?









  1. First of all, remain calm. Do not panic. Stay relaxed, and allow your yoni to stay relaxed.
  2. Kneel down, either in a deep squat on the ground, or squat over the toilet.
  3. Gently bear down, as if you are going #2.
  4. Hook two fingers into your yoni, nudging your eggs to come out. (This step is optional. If you do do it, you may want to add extra lubricant to your fingers.)
  5. Be ready to catch the egg, especially if you are over the toilet!

Eventually, you will find that expelling a stringless egg by command becomes super easy. Seriously!

But if you don’t want to, that’s what drilled eggs with string are for. Then you can just remove the egg simply by gently tugging the string as if it was a tampon.

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